New Eco Den Items!

20210402 Eco Shop Geothermal Cooler & Lamp-01 Green technology is crucial in caring for the earth, check out the Eco Geothermal Cooling Tower and the Eco Lava Lamp in Animal Jam. These two items are perfect for creating an Eco-friendly den! HQ Signature

Maine Coon Bundle

April Bundles AvatarBundle The Classy Maine Coon Cat Bundle in Animal Jam comes with some distinguished accessories. We can’t wait to see our feline friends dressed to the nines. HQ Signature

It's an avocado!

202103231 April Fools Pet Rock-01 (2) It’s an avocado! Thaaanks. To celebrate nature, Animal Jam has added it’s most unique pet yet. Pet Avocados will GUAC your world and make the perfect side to any of your amazing Looks! Just don’t snack on your pet if you get a little hungry! HQ Signature