April Fools' Party!



Don't miss out on the APRIL FOOLS' PARTY! It's a wacky party with tons of silly surprises!


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Join the fun and check out the foolish DEN ITEMS and ACCESSORIES! Happy April Fools'!!!


How to Purchase Memberships!!




Jammers! Have you ever wondered how to PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP??? Now you can learn how! Just CLICK HERE for some JAM-tastic instructions on how to get your membership today!!!


You can also go to ANIMAL JAM OUTFITTERS to see what's available!


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Now that the Jamaalidays are here, there's so much to do! Have you heard about the JAMAALIDAY JAM??? It's a new WINTER PARTY where you can hang out with your BUDDIES and pick up EXCLUSIVE ITEMS on sale!!! Now that's SNOW-tastic!!!


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Animal Jam HQ




AJ Academy - Otter Adoption Challenge!




Hey Jammers!


AJHQ wants to adopt a real-life otter! But we need your help!


We want to see how passionate you Jammers are about otters, and if we can get 5,000 of you to show it, we'll adopt one! Listen closely how you and AJHQ can make it possible to adopt a real-life otter.


In order for us to adopt a real-life otter, we need 5,000 Jammers to do the following:


1. Become an otter

2. Put on a silly hat

3. Head to the Summer Carnival, from 3-6 pm MDT, on Saturday and do an otterly-awesome dance!


We will be keeping an eye on how many Jammers head to the Summer Carnival, and if we can get 5,000 Jammers to do it, we're going to adopt a real-life otter! Wouldn't that be awesome???


Make sure and tell your buddies about the Otter Challenge! And see you at the Summer Carnival on Saturday from 3-6 pm MDT! Make sure to comment below and let us know if you'll be making it!

Animal Jam HQ


ATTENTION: We achieved our goal of 5000 Jammers at the Summer Carnival!!! It's amazing what you guys do! Kudos to all the Jammers who helped! Check in with the Daily Explorer for more details on the otter adoption!!! You guys did an amazing job!


Stay tuned Jammers!


Animal Jam HQ