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Greetings Jammers! We have a fantastic NEWS CREW article written by ETERNAL HIKINGLLAMA! Today’s topic is FAVORITE MINIBOOK

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Hey Jammers! Have you ever heard of the PAW-tastic minibooks that can be found on the first floor of the Chamber of Knowledge? These books are full of PAW-some information about your favorite animals!
My favorite minibook is the llama minibook. Did you know that adult llamas can grow up to six feet tall, and that sometimes llamas will spit at each other if they don’t get along? I didn’t either, until I read the llama minibook! There are so many fun facts and activities included in the llama minibook. I learned what llamas eat, how they behave, and even how to draw a llama! Llamas are truly fascinating creatures.
If you would like to learn more about llamas, head on over to the Chamber of Knowledge, which is located at the heart of the Temple of Zios. If llama facts don’t tickle your fancy, there are plenty more minibooks to check out!
Jam on, stay safe, and don’t forget to keep exploring the world of Jamaa!

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Thanks so much to ETERNAL HIKINGLLAMA for a paw-riffic report! Congrats on winning this awesome plaque for your den!


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How to get unreleased items in AJPW

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Items rotate in and out of availability, so the best way to get an item that isn’t currently in JAM MART CLOTHING or JAM MART FURNITURE — or a prize in the Treasure Hunts — is to trade for it.

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We hope this helps… Trade on Jammers!