Diamond Challenge – Lemur Facts!

Diamond Challenge: Lemurs

Hey Jammers! Would you like to win 5 DIAMONDS?

I hope you do, because now’s your chance to show off how smart you are!

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Here’s how 5 JAMMERS can win 5 DIAMONDS each!


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1. Head to BRADY’S THEATER located in the TEMPLE OF ZIOS.


2. Watch any VIDEO that features LEMURS.


3. Submit 2 PAWESOME FACTS that you learn while watching the videos to JAMMER CENTRAL, located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP!


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Entries are due JULY 5TH, 2015 at 9 PM MST!!! Tell your buddies to enter! If you’d like to learn how to submit just CLICK HERE!



AJ Academy – Fireworks!!!


Hey Jammers! Summer is definitely here! At AJHQ we LOVE summer because it means hanging out with friends, going to the SUMMER CARNIVAL, playing on waterslides and fun celebrations!

In the United States, July 4th is when Independence Day is celebrated. Many places will shoot off fireworks into the night sky. No matter what day it is, fireworks are pretty awesome!

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Did you know that fireworks were first made over 1,000 years ago in China? Since then, fireworks haven’t changed too much. Fireworks are filled with gunpowder – when ignited, or lit on fire, this propels them into the sky. To add color to fireworks, metal salts are used. Sparkles might come from bits of metal like iron or steel.

With this cool experiment you can make fireworks inside – no explosives required!


AJHQ would love to see your EXPERIMENT! Scan a photo and upload it to JAMMER CENTRAL located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP! Please title your submission AJ ACADEMY! To learn how CLICK HERE!!!


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Jam on!


Jammer Tip – Minimum Requirements to play Animal Jam

Jammer Tip Requirements

Greetings Jammers! Have you ever wondered what requirements it takes to play Animal Jam? If so, you’re in the right place!

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To play Animal Jam, you need a strong internet connection of at least 1 Mbps—as well as Adobe Flash version 10.3 or newer—to run smoothly. If either of these requirements is not met, Animal Jam might have slow loading times, erratic gameplay, or may not load at all.

Please note that Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP, and computers that still use the operating system may experience a number of problems. If you are unsure if your computer is running Windows XP, CLICK HERE.

Animal Jam requires Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later to run properly on a Mac.

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And as always, don’t forget to… JAM ON!!!

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News Crew – Mt. Shiveer!


All About Jamaa: Mt. Shiveer


This is Eternal Tinyclaws here to tell you all the chillastic features of Mt. Shiveer!

This beautiful land of snow is the coldest place in all of Jamaa, It happens to attract many people there for its beautiful scenery! Some say the ice holds MANY secrets, can you find out what secret is held in this beautiful environment? If so head over to Mt. Shiveer to find out! But be sure to wear some warm clothes it’s chilly!

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The best part about Mt. Shiveer would be the Cocoa Hut! Inside the cocoa hut you can find a delicious hot cocoa machine! This reminds me if your looking for a quick achievement drink 25 cups of cocoa! What I personally love about Mt. Shiveer is the clothes that you can buy in the Cocoa hut. Be sure to buy some yourself so you can have a delightful snowball fight with your friends!

I have asked many jammers this question and you would not believe how many said they loved the hot spring! It’s such a warm and delightful place to have a good swim but be sure to have a beach towel near you or you could end up with frostbite! The wonderful world of Jamaa has so much to offer for us, and this snowy area has to be one of the greatest things the alphas have ever created!
Hmm… Looks like that is all to report, ETERNAL TINYCLAWS signing out!
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