Wild Explorers – Episode 3!!!


Hi Jammers! Episode 3 of WILD EXPLORERS is here!!!

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This episode is packed with JAM-tastic fun! Cami shares some helpful JAMMER TIPS AND TRICKS, gets a visit from Dr. Brady Barr and some SCALY friends, and she even makes some cool OWL CRAFTS!

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Make sure to check it out and tell your buddies!!!

Jam on!


Diamond Challenge: Epic Den Contest!!!

Diamond Challenge: Epic Den


Jammers! Are you ready for an EPIC DEN contest! Jamaa is home to many Jammers, and we want to see how awesome your dens are! Does your den have what it takes to win 3 DIAMONDS???

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Take a snap of your very own den, and submit it through JAMMER CENTRAL! To learn how just CLICK HERE! Submissions are due TODAY, March 29th at 9 PM MST!

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We’ll compile our top picks and announce the winners on APRIL 1ST, 2015! We’re rewarding 5 JAMMERS with 3 DIAMONDS each! So check back with this post on APRIL 1ST!

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Best of luck, and JAM ON!!!


Jammer Poll – Favorite AJ Song???

Favorite Song Poll (3/23)


VOTE for your favorite song below!!!

Which AJ'S Greatest Hits Song is your favorite?


If you haven’t checked out AJ’S GREATEST HITS, what are you waiting for???

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