AJA – Paper Marbling


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This art project totally ROCKS! With a few supplies you can turn a sheet of paper into a fabulous sheet of MARBLE!

Paper marbling is an ancient art form and dates back to the 1100s! It’s name refers to the finished product – the paper has patterns on it that look like marble, a type of rock!

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In places like Japan, Turkey and Italy, paper marbling involves swirling different types of ink together and using the paper to absorb the ink. This fun version uses shaving cream and food coloring! You can click the image below to download!
Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.06.09 PM

Go wild and see what kind of amazing patterns you can create!

Jam on!

Diamond Challenge – Friendship Festival Snapshots!

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Greetings Jammers! The FRIENDSHIP FESTIVAL is in full swing, and Jammers all over the world are celebrating this friend-a-riffic time of the year! The celebration continues with today’s DIAMOND CHALLENGE as we ask Jammers to submit their best FRIENDSHIP FESTIVAL SNAPSHOTS!

Keep reading to learn how 5 JAMMERS can win 5 DIAMONDS each:

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1. Snap a pic of your animal surrounded with FRIENDSHIP FESTIVAL fun! There are tons of cool new den items and accessories that look extra festive and friendly, so make sure to pack your snapshot with tons of great stuff! You can take a snapshot while playing SPECIAL DELIVERY or even take a snapshot in the FRIENDSHIP PARTY. The paw-sibilities are endless!

2. Please submit your FRIENDSHIP FESTIVAL SNAPSHOTS through JAMMER CENTRAL, located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP. Please title your submission “DIAMOND CHALLENGE – FRIENDSHIP FESTIVAL SNAPSHOT” so we can sort through the submissions.


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Entries are due FEB 14, 2016 at 9 PM MST. The WINNERS will be announced on this very post, later on next week. If you’d like to learn how to submit just CLICK HERE!


Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 10.02.15 AM

Good luck earning your 5 DIAMONDS!


Jammer Tip – How can I solve Gift Card redemption and activation issues?


Greetings Jammers!

If you are having trouble redeeming your gift card PIN, take a moment to look over the redemption process for gift cards…

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If you have received an “Oops! Looks like that code didn’t work. Try again!” error message, the PIN that was entered was not recognized as valid. Verify that the characters of the PIN you entered match those on the gift card.

If you received an “Oops! This code has already been used!” error message, the gift card PIN has already been redeemed. Animal Jam HQ can verify the redemption location if you contact us with an image of the back of the card, a copy of your receipt, and the username and parent email of the account you were trying to redeem the card.

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If you received a “This product is inactive.” error message, the gift card was not activated at the time of purchase. We recommend that you return the card and the receipt to the purchase location, then follow that retailer’s customer service policy to have them activate your card. Animal Jam HQ does not have the ability to manually activate cards, and this activation must be completed at the store where the card was purchased.

We hope this helps! Jam on!

Wild Explorers – Paper Marbling


WILD EXPLORERS is back with an awesome video that explains how to do your very own PAPER MARBLING!

Paper marbling is an ancient art form and dates back to the 1100s! It’s name refers to the finished product – the paper has patterns on it that look like marble, a type of rock!

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Be sure to visit Animal Jam’ YouTube page to watch more cool WILD EXPLORERS videos!

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Have a great one Jammers!!!