RIM – Rare Winged Shoes!!!

Rare Item Monday: Rare Winged Shoes

Get ready to soar with today’s RARE ITEM! These RARE WINGED SHOES are available in JAM MART CLOTHING!!!

:sword: :sword: :sword: :sword: :sword:

Pick up your RARE WINGED SHOES today, while you still can!

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What adventures await you and your RARE WINGED SHOES???


Jamaa Legends – Unrest in Jamaa


Hey Jammers!!


It’s time for the 2nd episode of our series THE DAWN OF THE ALPHAS!!!


Episode 2 — Unrest in Jamaa

ut as time passed, things changed, Animals began to fear and mistrust other species. Some animals stopped living together as a united community. Soon, all the feelings of friendship in Jamaa were gone, and the animals built new villages for their kind only. Koalas lived and talked only with other koalas. So did rhinos. And crocodiles.

:butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly:

Before long, all the animals in Jamaa stopped working together to make Jamaa a happy and vibrant place. Worst of all, many animal species took their Heartstones from the Lost Temple of Zios and hid their Heartstones in their new villages.

It was during this time of division that the dark Phantoms first appeared.

:phantom: :phantom: :phantom: :phantom: :phantom:


Click here for Episode 1




Don’t miss the next episode of THE DAWN OF THE ALPHAS next week and tell all the buddies!



AJ Academy – Milk Jug Art!!!

AJ Academy: Milk Jug Art

Hey there Jammers! One thing that you can to do help the Earth is to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. This cool conservation craft will help you reuse a plastic milk jug before it heads off to the recycling bin.


:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

AJHQ would love to see the MILK JUG ART that you create! Scan a photo and upload it to JAMMER CENTRAL located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP! Please title your submission AJ ACADEMY! To learn how CLICK HERE!!!


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Jam on!


Jammer Tip – Phantom Fighter 2X Gem Payout!!!


PHANTOM FIGHTER will be having a Double Gem Payout! Yes, you heard right, a 2X GEM PAYOUT!

:razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz:

PHANTOM FIGHTER can be found in CLUB GEOZ, which is located in Jamaa Township. Play on HARD for an extra-challenging experience, but keep a lookout for rogue PHANTOMS! They can be difficult to dodge.

:sword: :sword: :sword: :sword: :sword:

Get ready to win DOUBLE the amount of gems you’re used to winning! We’re looking forward to seeing how many gems each of you win!

How many levels can you beat? Best of luck Jammers!