Jammer Safety – How to get Safe Chat!!!

Game Tip (Safe Chat)

Have you ever wanted to know how to get SAFE CHAT for your account? Well, AJHQ is here to teach you!!!

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AJHQ asks parents to allow their kids to use various interactive features within Animal Jam, including Safe Chat.

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Your parents can handle this action during the purchase of an Animal Jam membership with a credit card or by contacting Animal Jam Support HQ at support@animalJam.com. Feel free to ASK YOUR PARENTS for help when changing this setting!
For more questions about SAFE CHAT, just visit the HELP CENTER

Thanks for playing and JAM ON!!!



News Crew – Bahari Bay!!!


All About Jamaa: Bahari Bay

Blooming Quietdolphin – AJ Reporter
Many people wonder what makes Bahari Bay such a special place, and hopefully you’ll be able to learn why!
One of my personal favorite activities in Bahari Bay is to compete with other skilled jammers in games like Splash and Dash and Best Dressed. These games are a fun and easy way to earn gems, which you’ll need to buy the amazing seahorse and jellyfish pets that are sold near the bottom of Bahari! These “Pawesome” pets add a pop of personality to your animal’s look, and you can choose what colors to make your pet. This way, you can adopt the pet that’s right for you! Bahari Bay also features a clothing shop called Bahari Bargains where you can buy so many cool clothes! These clothes will also help get your animals in style!
Another favorite is to play the fun adventures to defend Jamaa’s oceans! Jammers can enter the portal and choose from so many thrilling adventures. After the adventures, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery by completing the journey book, which awards you with your very own seahorse fountain.
The activities are spectacular, but the part that really makes Bahari Bay special is hanging out with your buddies and having fun!
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AJHQ Spotlight – Dolphins at Bahari Bay!

AJHQ Spotlight

BAHARI BAY was JAM-packed with bottlenose dolphins recently!!! Check out this week’s AJHQ SPOTLIGHT feature, where Jammers met up at the SEAHORSE STATUE to have a good time!


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Do you want to be featured in an AJHQ SPOTLIGHT?


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Keep your eyes peeled for AJHQ SPOTLIGHT messages, and join the fun!


Don’t forget! Jammers can also submit a snapshot they take themselves, that may be featured in JAMMER CENTRAL. Want to learn how to take a screenshot and submit? Just CLICK HERE!!!


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Jam on!


Jammer Art – Animal in Favorite Accessories!

Jammer Art

Today’s JAMMER ART features ANIMALS in their FAVORITE ACCESSORIES! Let’s see what these awesome Jammers came up with!!!

Congrats to these Jammers for being featured!!!


Miss Tinypenguin

Blossom Sillyfox

Mythical Prettygirl

Mythical Templegirl

Daredevil Rainyclaws


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Would you like your art featured on the DAILY EXPLORER? For the following weeks our next topics will be BEACH DENS + ANIMALS SURFING!!! You can even win this awesome plaque for your den!


If you’d like to submit your art, just CLICK HERE to learn how!! If your art wasn’t featured here, some “honorable mentions” will be featured in JAMMER CENTRAL!!! Good luck!!!