Which Alpha are you???

Quiz: Which Alpha are You???

Hey Jammers!


We’ve got a JAM-tastic question for you!


:icecream: :icecream: :icecream: :icecream: :icecream:


We want to know which ALPHA you think you relate to most! So let the voting begin!!! Voting ends 9 PM MST!


Which Alpha are you!?


Jam on!!!


Jammer Tip – Lucky Adventure

Lucky Adventure


Jammers! Your LUCK is about to change for the better!!!

:lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky:

That’s because the LUCKY ADVENTURE is officially here!!!

In this ADVENTURE you can search for hidden keys that let you unlock RARE treasures… There’s even a rumor that there are some SPIKY treasures to be found!!! Good luck Jammers…

:lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky:

Jam on!!!


Jammer Snaps – Polar Bear Ballet!

Jammer Snaps: Polar Bear Ballet

Today’s collection of JAMMER SNAPS features POLAR BEARS prancing about in their finest BALLET outfits!

Congrats to the following Jammers for being featured:

Scooter Shyspirit

Snowflake Rainyrose

Swimming Strongbear

Teensy Poshshark

Countess Strongclaw

These lucky Jammers even received this awesome plaque for their den! Would you like one in your den??? Keep reading to learn how!!!
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Our next JAMMER SNAP contest will feature any FAVORITE DEN ITEM COLLECTIONS! We want to know which collections you love, so prove it with a snap!
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Submit your snaps titled “Jammer Snap” through JAMMER CENTRAL in JAMAA TOWNSHIP! If you’d like to submit, check out this handy tutorial: How to Submit Artwork. Entries are due March 15, 2015!