News Crew - Shark Interview

Greetings Jammers! Today we're happy to present a fantastic NEWS CREW article written by Count Thetoes. Read along as this cool Jammer interviews a sharky friend!


Heyo all you amazing jammers! It's Count here, interviewing a SHARK! Let's get started!

So Mr. Shark, how many teeth do you have? "I have grown 20,000 teeth!" Wow, that's a whole lot of teeth! Much more than me, i'm an otter and I have only 32! Do sharks attack humans to eat? "Oh no! It's just that sometimes we think they're fish, when they're on their surfboards they look alot like fish to us!"  Oh... do you eat otters..? "Sometimes,  but not on purpose." I'M NOT A FISH! Oh sorry, I got scared. Anyway...


How big can a shark get? "20 feet long, but the average shark is 11-16 feet long." Cool! I bet there are some fish in Jamaa scared of sharks! How can they overcome their fear of you amazing creatures? "Well, do what you're doing now! Don't tell me you didn't interview me because you're scared of sharks!" Oh umm, let's just end this interview before things get messy.

Bye jammers! Oh and, say thanks to the shark who helped us learn more about sharks! Count Thetoes, out!



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