Eagles are on sale!!!

This week only, head to the DIAMOND SHOP and become an EAGLE for only 5 DIAMONDS!


These swoopy-birds can't wait to explore the vast and vibrant lands of Jamaa!


Jam on you high-flying eagles!

Sloths..............Are Here!

The summer of the SLOTH has officially begun! These slow-moving creatures can't wait to explore Jamaa... Head to the DIAMOND SHOP and become a SLOTH today! 


Did you know that sloths love to eat? Sloths have big stomachs with four separate chambers. When full, the animal’s tummy makes up 20 to 30 percent of its body weight. A sloth’s stomach is actually similar to a cow’s. But it takes a sloth ten times longer to digest food.

Thanks to our good friends at Nat Geo Kids for sending us these fab sloth memes! Sloth on Jammers!

Jammer Snaps - Birds of Jamaa

These fabulous Jammers are being featured for showing us their FAVORITE BIRDS OF JAMAA! Congrats to these cool Jammers for being featured:

Precious Grandgem

Blooming Alienflower

Pioneer Rainyeagle

Infinity Templeclaws

Fuzzy Gassybelly

Major Fastspirit

Infinity Chillygem

Lucky Chillyspirit

Eternal Windyeagle

Infinity Vinebuddy



Our next JAMMER SNAPS contest asks Jammers to send in screenshots re-enacting the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Games. Submit your snaps titled "Jammer Snaps - Opening Ceremony Summer Games" through JAMMER CENTRAL in JAMAA TOWNSHIP by AUGUST 1st! You can even win this awesome plaque for your den:

Below are some helpful links if you want to learn how to submit: