1,000 ANimal Slots for Members!

As many of you know, MEMBERSHIPS are what keep Animal Jam going. They make it possible for millions of Jammers from all over the world to explore and play in the awesome world of Jamaa!


As a way of saying thank you, now members can make up to 1000 DIFFERENT ANIMALS! How amazing is that?

Wild Explorers - Meet a Fennec Fox!

In today's episode of Wild Explorers, we get to MEET A FENNEC FOX! Did you know that these cute critters are INSECTIVORES? That's right! These foxes love to eat bugs!


Learn more with Wild Explorers by visiting the Wild Explorers Tent located in Coral Canyons!


Explore on Jammers!

Ocean Diamond Shops!

Visit Bahari Bargains and Sunken Treasures to check out the BRAND NEW Ocean Diamond Shops filled with all new OCEAN ITEMS and ACCESSORIES!


You won't want to miss out on all the ocean fun!