Wild Explorers - Pandas get cold, right?

Wild Explorers is back with a brand new episode that explores the exciting world of pandas! Join Cami, as she teaches us all about these magnificent creatures!


Make sure to visit the Wild Explorers tent located in Coral Canyons. Now you can watch fun Wild Explorers videos while playing Animal Jam!


Don't forget to... Play Wild!

Diamond Challenge - Design your own armor!

Today's DIAMOND CHALLENGE asks Jammers to design their very own ARMOR using the art studio! The more creative and original your piece is, the better chance it has of earning you 5 DIAMONDS! We'll choose 5 winning submissions and feature them here on the Daily Explorer!


Here's how you can win:

1. Create a painting that features your very own ARMOR. Save your artwork on your computer as a .jpg or .png file so that you can upload it via JAMMER CENTRAL.

2. Once you've finished your artwork, Head to JAMMER CENTRAL located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP. Click on the bulletin board and title your work Diamond Challenge - Armor. Then you simply click the SUBMIT YOUR WORK button.  Once you've uploaded your artwork it will then be sent to AJHQ!


The 5 WINNERS will be awarded 5 Diamonds each, and have their art showcased on the Daily Explorer. Please submit your art before December 11th 9 PM, so that AJHQ can sort through the submissions...

Parade of Dens - Supere4's Jamaaliday Den!

Parade of Dens is back with a very special episode! Join us as we visit SuperE4's incredible den in our first ever Parade of Dens in Play Wild! 


Animal Jam - Play Wild! is available to download at the following locations:

Google Play Store
Apple App Store
Amazon Appstore


Download it on your mobile device today and Play Wild!

December Bundles in Play Wild!

Celebrate the fun of Jamaalidays with two brand new bundles! 


The Jamaaliday Accessory Bundle comes with a deer as well as the new Gingerbread Armor, the Nutcracker Dance Outfit, and the Reindeer Gear; and the Jamaaliday Den Bundle comes with a pet reindeer, the Gingerbread House, and tons of amazing den items!

Play Wild! on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices!