Diamond Challenge - Sloth Fashion Contest

Greetings Jammers! Today's DIAMOND CHALLENGE asks Jammers to show off their SLOTH-tastic fashion! Keep on reading to learn how 5 JAMMERS can win 5 DIAMONDS each:



To enter, take a screenshot of your SLOTH in it's most fashionable outfit. If you don't have a sloth, dress up as one! Visit a PHOTOBOOTH, located in CLUB GEOZ or SAREPIA THEATER and take a screenshot of your animal. Here's Commander Happytoes with a great example:

Upload your screenshot to JAMMER CENTRAL located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP. Please title your submission Diamond Challenge - Sloth Fashion so we can sort through the submissions…






Entries are due July 24, 2016 at 9 PM MST. The WINNERS will be announced on this very post, later on next week.


Good luck earning your 5 DIAMONDS! Go Jammers!


Eagles are on sale!!!

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These swoopy-birds can't wait to explore the vast and vibrant lands of Jamaa!


Jam on you high-flying eagles!

Sloths..............Are Here!

The summer of the SLOTH has officially begun! These slow-moving creatures can't wait to explore Jamaa... Head to the DIAMOND SHOP and become a SLOTH today! 


Did you know that sloths love to eat? Sloths have big stomachs with four separate chambers. When full, the animal’s tummy makes up 20 to 30 percent of its body weight. A sloth’s stomach is actually similar to a cow’s. But it takes a sloth ten times longer to digest food.

Thanks to our good friends at Nat Geo Kids for sending us these fab sloth memes! Sloth on Jammers!