EPIC Haunted Manor!

If you like creepy rooms, haunted trees, and other spooky surprises, the EPIC HAUNTED MANOR is the perfect DEN for you!


Pick up this spooky den in the Diamond Shop today!


Spook on Jammers!

Pet Phantoms have arrived!

Not all Phantoms want to destroy Jamaa. In fact, some just want to be LOVED...

For a VERY LIMITED-TIME, you can visit the Diamond Shop and adopt your very own PET PHANTOM!


Phantom on Jammers!

Phantom Fashion!

Celebrate PHANTOM FASHION with these phan-tastic Jammers! Congrats to these Jammers for being featured and winning a fabulous plaque for their den.


Now that Night of the Phantoms is upon us, AJHQ is on the lookout for SPOOKY FASHION! We want to see how eerie and spooky Jammers can dress up!


You can submit your SPOOKY FASHION entries via Jammer Central, located in Jamaa Township. You can take a screenshot in game, or head to the PHOTO BOOTH located in CLUB GEOZ and take a picture there. If your lucky submission wins, it will be featured on the Daily Explorer, and you'll win this cool plaque for your den:


Winning submissions will be featured next week on the Daily Explorer. Below are some helpful links if you want to learn how to submit something to AJHQ:


Sneak Peek...

A pesky new pet is coming to Jamaa very soon... A pet unlike any other that Jammers have ever seen...


That's right Jammers! Soon you'll be able to adopt a PET PHANTOM that will follow you around Jamaa!


Phantom on Jammers!