Sketch Jam - Pet Rooster!

The CHINESE NEW YEAR is well on it's way! Help AJHQ celebrate with a brand new SKETCH JAM video that features a PET ROOSTER! Taylor has two special guests that help us celebrate this festive time of year!


Also, don't forget to check out the YEAR OF THE ROOSTER PARTY!!!

Fashion Friday - Snow Fashion!

Fashion Friday is back with Jammers showcasing Snow Fashion! Congrats to these cool Jammers for being featured:












AJHQ is on the lookout for LUNAR FASHIONYou can submit your entries via Jammer Central, located in Jamaa Township. You can take a screenshot in game, or head to the PHOTO BOOTH located in CLUB GEOZ and take a picture there. If your lucky submission wins, it will be featured on the Daily Explorer, and you'll win this cool plaque for your den:


Winning submissions will be featured next week on the Daily Explorer. Below are some helpful links if you want to learn how to submit something to AJHQ:


Sheep Have Arrived!!!

Did you hear the news? SHEEP have officially arrived in Jamaa! These cute critters have been counting the days before their exciting arrival, and they're ready to explore! 


But wait... There's more...

The incredible new PET ROOSTERS are available for ALL JAMMERS for only 3 Diamonds! Adopt yours today! Be sure to bring your new pet to the YEAR OF THE ROOSTER PARTY, the cool party that is only for Jammers with a PET ROOSTER!


We hope you enjoy the new update! Jam on!

The Best Way to Spend A Snow Day!

Hello jammers!! I'm Flora Magicbrave and this is my pet Bubblecrystal!! It's been really cold outside lately, so today I'll be talking about the best ways to spend a snowday!! 


One fun way to spend a snowday is having fun with buddies!! Decorate your den, make some hot cocoa, and invite some friends over!! You can talk about the latest news in Jamaa or what you've been doing on your days off!! Another thing to do on a snowday is make masterpieces or trade!! You can make masterpieces for buddies or to trade away to other jammers!! If you have the time, you could also try and get your DREAM ITEM!!


The last way I like to spend my snowdays is just hanging around Jamaa, playing in the snow, all that stuff!! And if you're tired of the cold - head to the Heatwave Party for some summer fun!! 

I hope you enjoyed my report!! Maybe you could do these for yourself on a snowday!! That's all I have for today jammers, Reporter Peace, signing off!! 


Thanks for writing such a fantastic report! It's a pleasure to have you on the NEWS CREW team. Congrats on winning the DIAMOND NEWS CREW PLAQUE for your den! Diamond plaques are awarded to Jammers who are specifically featured on the DAILY EXPLORER:
Our next NEWS CREW topic is WEATHER REPORT FROM JAMAA. You can submit reports at JAMMER CENTRAL located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP.
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