Item Return and Scamming

Hello Everyone!  We wanted to take a moment of your time today to talk about a new pop-up you may have seen, or have heard rumors about, over the past few days. 

This pop-up wasn’t intended to function in the manner it has been.  The appearance over this past week was due to a minor bug. The bug occurred when you received a gift from someone using a particular Jam-a-Gram; this pop up would appear when you logged in, instead of receiving the Jam-a-Gram. Mystery Solved! We are removing that Jam-a-Gram temporarily to reduce further confusion.


What does this Pop-Up Mean?  

We have received a ton of feedback from players on their in game experiences.  We know for some, especially newer or younger players, the process of learning the trading system can be challenging.  We always recommend using our trading system, where what you present in trade with another person is the trade that occurs. Do not use the gifting system to trade, or trade an item for the promise of a better item.

We also do investigate reports of scamming by other players and do take action, but we have not returned your items per our current policy. We feel that for those learning the trading system this can be a very hard lesson to learn; for that reason, starting with the deploy next Thursday, we will change our policy as far as a limited item return.

This is where that Pop-Up comes in! When we receive a report from a player claiming they were scammed, we investigate the issue and take disciplinary action as necessary on a reported account. Starting after the next deploy, we may at our discretion return items ONE TIME ONLY. This pop-up will be the delivery method for this procedure.


There are a few very important things you need to know about this change in procedure:

  • ONE TIME ONLY - The item return is a One Time Only courtesy for an account and is done at our discretion.  Do not fall for promises of something given at a later date, a trust trade, or an item sent to you as a gift in return for something else.  We will not return items after this courtesy has been extended. This is equal to member and nonmember alike.

  • NO HEADDRESSES - We will not return items that are unavailable in game. This means we will not return headdresses, horse coins or other rare items that have been removed from availability/purchase but may be still actively traded by players.

  • THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS! -  Don’t ruin this policy for yourself and the rest of the community by abusing or trying to game the system. If you make a fake claim of being scammed, we reserve the right to discipline your account, as well as any accounts involved in the attempt, and will reject any future claims of being scammed. This includes attempts to game our new policy with fake claims or conspire with friends to create a false scamming scenario.

  • WE DON’T TIME TRAVEL – We will not consider returning items you report being scammed a long time ago.

  • NO EXCUSE TO SCAM – Trying to scam someone is just plain mean-spirited and damages the wonderful community we have in Animal Jam.  We do investigate players attempting to try and trick and take advantage of other players.  Don’t be one of THOSE kinds of players.  Help other players learn to trade and create a more positive community. Because we may consider returning an item once, it is no excuse to justify bad behavior and poor camaraderie.

Immochicken's Masterpieces!

Jamaa is packed with talented Jammers who know how to draw! Check out Immochicken's cool den, and this incredible tarantula art:


Here's a fabulous orca that they drew as well! 


Be sure to visit Immochicken's den to see these these Masterpieces for yourself! Have a happy day and Jam On!

News Crew - Shark Interview

Greetings Jammers! Today we're happy to present a fantastic NEWS CREW article written by Count Thetoes. Read along as this cool Jammer interviews a sharky friend!


Heyo all you amazing jammers! It's Count here, interviewing a SHARK! Let's get started!

So Mr. Shark, how many teeth do you have? "I have grown 20,000 teeth!" Wow, that's a whole lot of teeth! Much more than me, i'm an otter and I have only 32! Do sharks attack humans to eat? "Oh no! It's just that sometimes we think they're fish, when they're on their surfboards they look alot like fish to us!"  Oh... do you eat otters..? "Sometimes,  but not on purpose." I'M NOT A FISH! Oh sorry, I got scared. Anyway...


How big can a shark get? "20 feet long, but the average shark is 11-16 feet long." Cool! I bet there are some fish in Jamaa scared of sharks! How can they overcome their fear of you amazing creatures? "Well, do what you're doing now! Don't tell me you didn't interview me because you're scared of sharks!" Oh umm, let's just end this interview before things get messy.

Bye jammers! Oh and, say thanks to the shark who helped us learn more about sharks! Count Thetoes, out!



Thanks so much to Count Thetoes for that Jam-tastic report. What an intelligent article! Congrats on winning the DIAMOND NEWS CREW PLAQUE for your den! Diamond plaques are awarded to Jammers who are specifically featured on the DAILY EXPLORER:

Our next topic will be Summer Games - Interview with an athlete...You can submit your report at JAMMER CENTRAL located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP.


Make sure to title your submission "Summer Games - Interview with an athlete" to help us sort through the submissions! If you want to learn more about submitting NEWS CREW articles, just CLICK HERE!

Epic Dens in Animal Jam - Play Wild!

We spotted some EPIC DENS in Animal Jam - Play Wild! Check out the awesome dance floor and plushie corner in RUBSTERROCKS10's den! How many Jammers can you spot in this picture?


Be sure to pay a visit to AWSOMECLEVEROO'S den and sit in a throne truly fit for a king!

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