AJ Academy - Make A Kite!

Hello Jammers! Get ready to learn how to MAKE A KITE with today's turbulent AJ Academy experiment! Just click the image below to download:



AJHQ is always on the lookout for Jammers that go the extra mile with AJ ACADEMY activities... If you've ever completed an AJA experiment/craft and have an image/photo of it, we'd love to see it! You can submit it to AJHQ via JAMMER CENTRAL located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP. Be sure to title your submission AJA - (title of experiment/craft) so our moderators can sort through the submissions.

Below is a helpful link if you need more help:



Crystal Palace Den!

The CRYSTAL PALACE DEN playset is available exclusively at Walmart stores across the country! Pick up this beautiful playset at a Walmart location near you and let the fun begin!


Each playset includes one scratch off code that unlocks exclusive content in the online game. Visit your local Walmart and pick up this fantastic set today!

Cami interviews a Paleontologist!

Cami is back with a DINO-tastic episode of Wild Explorers! Pay attention as she interviews a real-life Paleontologist and learns all about a career in Paleontology...


Have you seen the Wild Explorers tent located in Coral Canyons? Now you can watch fun Wild Explorers videos while playing Animal Jam! Head there today!


Don't forget to... Play Wild!

Diamond Challenge - Gabby's Animal Hospital!

Greetings Jammers! We've got a special Diamond Challenge that celebrates the arrival of a new friend to Animal Jam... Meet Gabby Wild, a Wildlife Veterinary Conservationist! Keep reading to learn how 5 Jammers can win 5 Diamonds each!


Here's how to enter:

1. Head to Gabby's Animal Hospital located in Kimbara Outback and watch a selection of her brand new videos.

2. After watching a few videos, recite a cool fact that you learned while watching the videos and take a snapshot of it while inside her hospital. Here's an example:

3. Submit your screenshot to Jammer Central located in Jamaa Township. Title your entry Diamond Challenge - Gabby's Challenge so AJHQ can sort through the entries. Please submit your entry by September 25th at 9 PM.


5 Jammers will win 5 Diamonds each and their entry will be showcased next week on the DAILY EXPLORER... 


The following links will provide more information on how to submit entries:


Good luck earning 5 Diamonds!