Diamond Challenge - Draw spooky PUMPKINS

Today's DIAMOND CHALLENGE asks Jammers to create their very own SPOOKY PUMPKIN art! We want to see art that showcases spooky and eerie pumpkins that make you jump in fright! The more creative and original your piece is, the better chance it has of earning you 5 DIAMONDS! Your art will also be featured here on the Daily Explorer!


Here's how you can win:

1. Create a painting that features SPOOKY PUMPKINS in a creative way. Save your artwork on your computer as a .jpg or .png file so that you can upload it via JAMMER CENTRAL.

2. Once you've finished your artwork, Head to JAMMER CENTRAL located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP. Click on the bulletin board and title your work SPOOKY PUMPKINS. Then you simply click the SUBMIT YOUR WORK button.  Once you've uploaded your artwork it will then be sent to AJHQ!


The 5 WINNERS will be awarded 5 Diamonds each, and have their art showcased on the Daily Explorer. Please submit your art before October 23rd at 9 PM, so that AJHQ can sort through the submissions...

Fashion Friday - Night of the Phantoms Looks

We're excited to reveal today's FASHION FRIDAY winners! Give it up to these scary-looking Jammers showing off their Night of the Phantoms Looks!












Now that Night of the Phantoms is upon us, AJHQ is on the lookout for Monster MashupWe want to see Jammers dress up using monsters as their inspiration!


You can submit your Monster Mashup entries via Jammer Central, located in Jamaa Township. You can take a screenshot in game, or head to the PHOTO BOOTH located in CLUB GEOZ and take a picture there. If your lucky submission wins, it will be featured on the Daily Explorer, and you'll win this cool plaque for your den:


Winning submissions will be featured next week on the Daily Explorer. Below are some helpful links if you want to learn how to submit something to AJHQ:


Epic Dens - SPooky Dens!

We found another batch of Spooky Dens that are very eerie! Check out these creep-tastic dens submitted by these Jammers:


Congrats on winning this mighty-fine plaque:

Do you have a den that you want to share with AJHQ? We're asking Jammers to show off their SPOOKY DENS all October long! You can send in screenshots of your SPOOKY DENS via JAMMER CENTRAL located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP. There you will click on the BULLETIN BOARD and upload your screenshot by clicking on the SUBMIT YOUR WORK button. Please title your submissions SPOOKY DEN so AJHQ can sort through the submissions! Epic Dens will be featured every Sunday, here on the Daily Explorer. If your den is featured, you'll receive the EPIC DEN plaque that you can show off to your buddies...



If you want to learn more about submitting content to AJHQ, just click the link below:


Can I change My Animal Jam Username???

Can I change my Animal Jam username?

If you would like to change your username, AJHQ can help. But remember that your username can only be changed once, so be sure to choose a username you'll be happy with for a long time.


To change your username, send an email to AJHQ, and be sure to include the following information:

- Your current username
- The parent email associated with that username
- Four unique choices for your new username
- If your parent has successfully purchased an Animal Jam membership, please include the Animal Jam Transaction ID or confirmation number that accompanied the membership purchase to verify account ownership.


New Username Tips And Guidelines
- Special characters like $ - ! % * _ @ & < ? are not allowed.
- One or more of your new username choices may be unavailable or already in use.
- For your safety, personal information—such as names, addresses, and phone numbers—are not allowed.
- First and last names are not allowed, even if it is the name of your favorite actor or singer.
- Only the first letter can be capitalized
- Rude, mean, and inappropriate words are not allowed.