Diamond Challenge - Alpha Art

Today's DIAMOND CHALLENGE asks Jammers to create their very own ALPHA ART! We want to see art that showcases the brave Alphas of Jamaa. The more creative and original your piece is, the better chance it has of earning you 5 DIAMONDS! Your art will also be featured here on the Daily Explorer!


Here's how you can win:

1. Create a painting that features one or more of the Alphas. Save your artwork on your computer as a .jpg or .png file so that you can upload it via JAMMER CENTRAL.

2. Once you've finished your artwork, Head to JAMMER CENTRAL located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP. Click on the bulletin board and title your work ALPHA ART. Then you simply click the SUBMIT YOUR WORK button.  Once you've uploaded your artwork it will then be sent to AJHQ!


The 5 WINNERS will be awarded 5 Diamonds each, and have their art showcased on the Daily Explorer. Please submit your art before Aug 28th so that AJHQ can sort through the submissions...

Challenging Jammers to minigames!

There are a lot of fun games to play in Animal Jam - Play Wild! Some of them can be played with other Jammers!


To invite another player to play a game, tap their name tag to open their player card and then tap the video game controller icon. This will display a list of available Player vs. Player (PvP) games that you can challenge other players to. Choose which game you'd like to play, then a request will be sent to the other player. If they accept then the game will start automatically.

If you want to announce to other player's that you are available to play a game, tap on the icon at the bottom of your screen that looks like a person dancing. Then click on the game controller icon and choose a game. This will cause an alert to show above your animal, and if someone wants to play they can just click on the alert!

Jam on!

Goats on Sale!!!

Now you can become a GOAT for only 5 Diamonds! That's right Jammers, we're not kidding around!


Visit the Diamond Shop today and start exploring Jamaa as a GOAT!

Goat on Jammers!

News Crew - Favorite Summer Games Events!

Greetings Jammers! Today's NEWS CREW article comes from Baron Snowybelle aka SmartyPawz and explains their favorite SUMMER GAMES EVENTS! Take it away Baron!


Hello Jammers! Baron Snowybelle checking in. Today I’m going to be talking about my favorite SUMMER GAMES EVENTS! Each event has its own unique features, which is what makes the games so special! But which is your favorite?

I love watching the EQUESTRIAN summer games the most because I’m also a horseback rider! I really enjoy it because I’m always working with an animal. I knew as I watched the horse riding events that I wished I could be there someday! Being around horses makes me really happy, and working with them in sports makes me even happier!


Did you know that you can do some equestrian events right here in Jamaa? The JAMAA DERBY is a fun game all about horses that every Jammer can enjoy. You can become your own horse and take a fun and exciting course over deep muddy trenches and tall haystacks! And the most exciting part: if you come in one of the first THREE places, you can even show off your own Derby medal to your buddies and other Jammers around the arcade!

There are countless other events in the summer games, though! Which do you most enjoy watching or playing? There’s swimming, track events, soccer, rugby, even martial arts… Ah, I could go on forever! Why don’t you try and find a new event you’ve never watched before, too? You may just love it!
Alright Jammers, I’m signing out! 

Remember to play wild and stay PAWSOME!



Thanks so much to Baron Snowybelle for that spectacular report. It's a pleasure to have you on the NEWS CREW team. Congrats on winning the DIAMOND NEWS CREW PLAQUE for your den! Diamond plaques are awarded to Jammers who are specifically featured on the DAILY EXPLORER:

Our next NEWS CREW topic asks Jammers to explain How to host a school in your den and what your classroom would look like. You can submit your report at JAMMER CENTRAL located inJAMAA TOWNSHIP.


Make sure to title your submission "News Crew - Hosting a school in your den" to help us sort through the submissions! If you want to learn more about submitting NEWS CREW articles, just CLICK HERE!