Jammer Tip – Why was my username changed?

Game Tip 9-4: Account Name Change

Jammers’ usernames can be seen by everyone in Jamaa, so it is important to make sure that every username follows the Animal Jam Rules.

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If a username breaks the Animal Jam Rules, AJHQ will change it, and it can’t be changed again. Usernames that have any of the following are against the Animal Jam Rules:

Any personal information, including names, addresses, and phone numbers.

First and last names, even if it is the name of your favorite actor or singer.

Rude, mean, or inappropriate words.

Thanks for making Jamaa such a safe and fun environment!


Happy Birthday Animal Jam!


Happy Birthday to ANIMAL JAM!!!! We’re celebrating 5 YEARS of playing wild and it’s all thanks to JAMMERS! So, thanks!

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Stay tuned to the DAILY EXPLORER all week long for many ZANY birthday surprises!!! Oh, and don’t miss out on the AJ BIRTHDAY PARTY, everybody is invited, so tell your buddies! Rumor has it that a mysterious NEW CODE will even reward you with something MIRA-culous…

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Jammer Snaps – Tree Top Gardens!!!


JAMMER SNAPS are back with some fresh looking TREE TOP GARDENS! These Jammers made their very best scenes, and snapped a photo of it! Way to go!

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Congrats to the following Jammers for being featured:


Fuzzy Sleepycat

Snowflake Frozenrose

Chief Coolcat

Snowflake Arcticgem

Twinkle Superstar

Juniper Shiverbelle

Eternal Arcticwolf

Enchanted Frillysun

Sparkle Frozenstar

Blooming Spiritjammer


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These cool Jammers even received this awesome plaque for their den!


Would you like one in your den??? Keep reading to learn how!!!


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Our next JAMMER SNAPS contest will feature snapshots of JAMMERS AS FRUITS AND VEGGIES! Submissions are due SEP 13, 2015!


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Submit your snaps titled “Jammer Snaps” through JAMMER CENTRAL in JAMAA TOWNSHIP! If you’d like to submit, check out this handy tutorial: How to Submit Artwork.


JAMMER ART – Favorite Emotes!


Today’s JAMMER ART features EMOTES! The absolute best way to describe your thoughts and feelings in Jamaa! Well, next to words of course!

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Congrats to the following Jammers for having their art featured!

Mythical Arcticstar

Magical Rainyclaws

Darling Arcticwolf

Daredevil Rockybird

Laughing Chillypride

Would you like your art featured on the DAILY EXPLORER? For the following weeks our next topics will be FAVORITE AJ ADVENTURE + FALL!!! You can even win this awesome plaque for your den!


If you’d like to submit your art, just CLICK HERE to learn how!! If your art wasn’t featured here, some “honorable mentions” will be featured in JAMMER CENTRAL!!! Good luck!!!