Dr. Tierney Thys Listening To Dolphins


Hey Jammers! The ocean is filled with many intelligent animals. One of the most intelligent animals in the world is the dolphin! Sneak a peek at today’s video, where Tierney teaches us more about these slippery friends! She even uses a HYDROPHONE to hear what the dolphins are saying!

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If you want to learn more with Tierney, head to TIERNEY’S AQUARIUM located in CRYSTAL SANDS!


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Jammers rule!


RIM – Rare Square Glasses!


Before summer ends, make sure and grab a pair of RARE SQUARE GLASSES!

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You’ll want to look your best as the SUMMER CARNIVAL finishes strong! What kind of zany adventures do you have planned in Jamaa???

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Jammers rule!!!!


AJ Academy – Make a bouncy ball!


Time to get your lab coats and goggles ready since today is all about CHEMISTRY!

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Bouncy balls are super fun toys. They were made possible by the discovery of rubber, which is able to bounce! Today, we can make these balls out of all types of materials like rubber and plastic. You can make your own bouncy ball out of ingredients you have around the house. When you make your ball, you will be mixing ingredients together and forming polymers – which are long chains of molecules stuck together.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 8.33.48 PM

Polymers are pretty cool, and you probably use items made of them every single day! They can be found in clothes, bottles and even furniture! So, get started making your own and Jam On!

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What has been your favorite AJ ACADEMY activity so far?