Spooky Science – Dry Ice Bubbles!


Join Cami in the latest episode of WILD EXPLORERS! In this spook-a-riffic episode, Cami makes a DRY ICE BUBBLE! Sounds incredible right? Watch the video and learn how to make your very own!

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What’s been your favorite episode of WILD EXPLORERS so far?

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Spook on!


AJ Academy – Make Super Slime!


Hey Jammers! Are you ready to get ooey, gooey and even slimy?! You can definitely do all of these things by making some of your own SUPER SLIME! This simple experiment contains instructions for making some basic slime, but you can get as creative as you want! Add food coloring, glow powder or even glitter to make your own personalized slime!

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When you make slime you are experimenting with chemistry! During this experiment, as you mix different solutions together you are linking polymers (which are large molecules) together – this gives the slime it’s unique texture!


Have fun making your slime and Jam On!

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Jammer Tip – Setting up Parent Dashboards

Reported Player

Hey Jammers! If your parent or guardian wants to learn how to use the PARENT DASHBOARD here’s the perfect link:




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The PARENT DASHBOARD is a great tool for any parent who wants to encourage safer gameplay in Jamaa! Isn’t that what Animal Jam is all about?


Happy Night of the Phantoms! Jam on forever!!!!


News Crew – Giant Panda!



Miss Vineflower – AJ Reporter

Hey Jammers! It is Miss Vineflower here, with a report about the pandas! Pandas are amazing animals, and you can even play as them in Jamaa! So why don’t we get to the report?

Pandas are big animals, that is because they eat 20-40 pounds of bamboo a day! They are also very big animals that are 2-3 feet tall on all fours, and weigh up to 250 pounds when in the wild. These animals live in broadleaf and coniferous forests, with bamboo of course.

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Their scientific name is ‘Ailuropoda melanoleuca’ which means that it is a black and white herbivorous mammal, of which, lives in the bamboo forests of China and Tibet. Unfortunately, there are about 1,600 pandas left in the wild, that makes them a threatened species.

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A panda spends most of it’s day resting, sleeping, and seeking food and it’s diet mostly consists of bamboo, but they also will eat small animals like mice.

Pandas have been recorded to become as old as 35 years old! Pandas do not hibernate, but they will take shelter in hollow trees, or a cave in cold weather. they are also skilled tree climbers and great swimmers, which can help it escape from danger.

That is all we have for now, be sure to get your very own panda, and have fun in Jamaa! See you next time Jammers!

Miss Vineflower

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