Jammer Tip – Lucky Party!!!

Lucky Party



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To celebrate how LUCKY we are, make sure to head to the LUCKY PARTY!!!

Invite your buddies! And don’t forget to play wild!!!

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News Crew – Favorite Adventure!



My favorite adventure is Return of the Phantoms. We get to meet Liza again, and she introduces us to the adorable but strong bunnies who give us various tasks to complete. After doing so, we grab the key and unlock the Phantom door to rescue four bunnies who got caught by the pesky Phantoms! There’s a chest located in a passage that only arctic wolves can unlock, and I hear it may give out a rare every one in a while…
This is my favorite adventure because it allows Jammers to get up close and personal with the animals of Jamaa. We get to learn all about how they live and deal with the menacing Phantoms. Plus, doesn’t it help to know that we’re making a positive difference in Jamaa by helping to defeat the Phantoms? They just don’t know what’s coming to them when put up against Jammers like you and me!


- Snickety Fastpaw




What a great NEWS CREW article! Thanks Snickety Fastpaw!!!

Congrats on winning this awesome plaque for your den and contributing to the NEWS CREW!


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If you want to be a NEWS CREW REPORTER, our next topic will be FAVORITE DENS! Tell us all about your favorite Den in Jamaa. Don’t forget a snap! To learn how to submit, click below and follow these easy instructions! Submissions are due MAR 8, 2015!


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