Wild Explorers – Episode 3!!!


Hi Jammers! Episode 3 of WILD EXPLORERS is here!!!

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This episode is packed with JAM-tastic fun! Cami shares some helpful JAMMER TIPS AND TRICKS, gets a visit from Dr. Brady Barr and some SCALY friends, and she even makes some cool OWL CRAFTS!

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Make sure to check it out and tell your buddies!!!

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Jammer Tip – Free Downloads!!!


Hey Jammers! Did you know that we have tons of FREE DOWNLOADS on our blog???


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We’ve got WALLPAPERS, DOOR HANGERS, PUZZLES, and so much more!!!




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News Crew – All About Appondale!!!



News Crew Appondale


All About Appondale

Arctic Wolf

AJ Reporter


Appondale is so PAWSOME. My favorite thing about it is that is has the Conservation Museum where we can donate some gems to save the wild animals!


One of my friends says she loves the mud in it, its just so true! That mud is perfect for the rhinos of Jamaa. The mud is also so FUN to play in!


In APPONDALE, there is a pet shop called Claws N’ Paws you can get any cute pets there! There’s also a HUGE variety of pets to choose for the Jammers who have a Club Membership.


Don’t forget to visit the AMAZING Appondale from time, to time. Also don’t forget to finish the Jounal so you can get a special prize!


Remember to have a good time and be safe my dear Jammers, PLAY WILD IN ANIMAL JAM!




Wow! What a fabulous NEWS CREW article! Thanks to Arctic Wolf!!!

Congrats on winning this awesome plaque for your den and contributing to the NEWS CREW!


:loveletter: :loveletter: :loveletter: :loveletter: :loveletter:


If you want to be a NEWS CREW REPORTER, our next topic will be CRYSTAL SANDS! We want to know how well you know JAMAA! Tell us about the sites, the scenes, and what everybody is up to in CRYSTAL SANDS!!! Follow these easy instructions! Submissions are due APR 5, 2015!


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