Imagination Fair – Mathematics Invention


Welcome to the 2nd annual IMAGINATION FAIR! The IMAGINATION FAIR teaches Jammers about cool inventions relating to STEM, and challenges them to come up with their very own invention related to each STEM topic. We’ll be hosting these challenges every Saturday for the remainder of May, and rewarding 5 DIAMONDS to each Jammer whose inventions are featured on the DAILY EXPLORER

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Here’s how the schedule for this year’s IMAGINATION FAIR plays out:

May 7th– Science Invention (due in Jammer Central on May 11th)
May 14th – Technology Invention (due in Jammer Central on May 18th)
May 21st – Engineering Invention (due in Jammer Central on May 25th)
May 28th – Mathematics Invention (due in Jammer Central on May 31st)

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Let’s kick off our last IMAGINATION FAIR challenge talking a little bit about Copernicus, a famous mathematician…

Copernicus was a Mathematician that used math to create a model of the universe. Prior to his model, people thought that the Earth was the center of the universe. But after his hard work and determination, he found out that our planetary system orbited around the sun. He used some pretty advanced mathematical techniques to determine the way the planets moved, which allowed him to prove that the earth and planets actually orbit the sun!

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about Copernicus and his model of the universe, it’s time to create your own MATHEMATICS invention!

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1. Draw a picture of your very own MATHEMATICS INVENTION using whichever art/painting tool you have access to. Once you’ve completed your work, save your file to your desktop, so you can upload the file to Jammer Central later.


2. Head to JAMAA TOWNSHIP and click on the bulletin board in JAMMER CENTRAL. Explain YOUR INVENTION the open text box and upload your drawing saved to your desktop by clicking the plus sign. Title your submission as Imagination Fair – Mathematics Challenge and click the SUBMIT YOUR WORK button! Submissions for this challenge are due MAY 31st. We can’t wait to see the paw-riffic inventions and good luck earning your 5 DIAMONDS!

Below are some helpful links if you need more help:



Want to see last year’s IMAGINATION FAIR winners? Just CLICK HERE! Jam on!


Jammer Security Check

Jammer Safety: Prevent Scamming!!!

When logging into Animal Jam, you may have noticed a new JAMMER SECURITY CHECK that pops up if you are entering the wrong password. This new security check helps ensure JAMMER SAFETY, making Jamaa a safer place! Here’s what the JAMMER SECURITY CHECK looks like:
Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.00.55 AM

If you see this window pop up while trying to login, you may be entering your password incorrectly. If this window appears simply drag the image that best matches the image on the right. In this case, you would drag the CARROT towards the BUNNY to log in to your account. If you fail to drag the correct image, you may get temporarily locked out of your account, so swipe accurately!

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Jam on safely!


Peck’s Den is here!!!


Jammers, did you hear the amazing news?! PECK’S DEN is now available in the DIAMOND SHOP! Show off your creativity and let your inner artist loose!

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This new den is perfect for showing off your Masterpieces, so head to CORAL CANYONS and create your own today!

Create your own masterpiece!


Greetings Jammers! Peck here, with some PAW-riffic news… Now you can CREATE YOUR OWN MASTERPIECE in the ART STUDIO located in Coral Canyons!

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To make your own Masterpiece DEN ITEM, head to the ART STUDIO in CORAL CANYONS and open up the PAINTING ACTIVITY. Create your piece of art, click the CREATE DEN ITEM buttom and choose your favorite FRAME!

Read through the MASTERPIECE RULES, and if your masterpiece FOLLOWS them, you can BUY it and submit it to AJHQ for approval! Once your Masterpiece has been approved, you can DISPLAY it, GIFT it, and even TRADE it! This fun new feature is currently being TESTED by MEMBERS, so there’s no better time to become a member and create your own Masterpiece!

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Keep reading below for some questions and answers regarding the Masterpiece theater:
Q. Does this cost gems or diamonds? A. The Masterpiece will cost 2 diamonds when you choose a frame and submit it for review by AJHQ. That frame will go into your inventory once purchased, waiting for your submission to be approved.
Q. Is this only for Members or can non-members also make den items? A. For now we are starting with Members testing this new feature.
Q. Can I hang this in my den? A. Yes of course!
Q. Can I trade this or send it to a friend as a gift? A. Yes, you can trade it or gift the approved Masterpiece.
Q. Will it show my name to others so they know I made it? A. Yes, it will show your username on the Masterpiece frame.
Q. What if someone makes something inappropriate? Our team will be reviewing all Masterpiece submissions to ensure they abide by our Animal Jam rules. Inappropriate drawings, swear words or personal
identifying information are a sure way to get your Masterpiece rejected.
Q. Can I report a Masterpiece? A. If you see a Masterpiece that you feel is inappropriate you can report it by hovering your mouse over the frame. A badge icon will pop up and will allow you to report a Masterpiece. Our team will review these reports. We will only take action if the Masterpiece is somehow inappropriate or displayed in an inappropriate manner. Trolling players and reporting them for no reason could lead to disciplinary actions on said Trolls.
Q. Why does it say it will take up to 2 weeks? I want it now!!! A. Please keep in mind that your Masterpiece is a unique, one-of-a-kind den item. Our team must review each one individually before they are allowed to go in game. While we certainly hope to respond as quickly as possible, we may be delayed due to sheer volume of submissions. We appreciate your patience!
Q. How will I know if it is approved? A. If your Masterpiece submission is approved; you will receive a Jam-a-gram notifying you of its approval. The Masterpiece submission will be placed into the frame you purchased upon approval.
Q. How will I know if it is rejected? A. If your Masterpiece submission is rejected; you will receive a Jam-a-gram notifying you of its rejection. The 2 diamonds will be automatically added back into your diamond total (whether you open the Jam-a-gram or not). The frame you had purchased will be removed from your inventory when a Masterpiece is rejected and the diamonds returned to you.
Q. Do I get my diamonds back? A. Yes, you will get the diamonds back if your submission is rejected.
Q. Can I save a work in progress? We don’t have the ability at this time to save works in progress. Perhaps this is an improvement we can investigate in the future.
Q. Will you be updating the AJ Art Studio with more features or improvements? A. We have received numerous suggestions on improvements or new features with the AJ Art Studio. For this update we are not updating the studio. We will investigate the possibility of improvements to the Art Studio and appreciate any suggestions you may have.
Q. Can I have words in it? A. We will not approve Masterpieces that consist of just a word without art, a single letter or a number. Any Masterpieces that are artistic in origin and have a word in it are subject to review by our team. If we feel submissions are completed in an effort to create a scrabble like message using Masterpieces we may reject part or all of your submissions.
Q. Can I make more than one copy? A. There is no way to create a copy of a Masterpiece. These are one of a kind creation by you.
Q. Can I sell my Masterpiece for cash, cards or codes? A. No. Buying and Selling any in-game item for cash, real life currency, game cards or even gift cards is a violation of our terms of service. You will have your account banned for this behavior.
Q. Can I trade my Masterpiece as part of a commission that involves a trade for an in-game item, like a long spike collar or headdress? A. Yes, you can trade an in-game item for another in-game item. Masterpieces are designed to be tradable.
Q. If someone submits a bad picture will they get banned? A. If you submit an inappropriate Masterpiece to our team for review, you will not get banned. However if you are consistently submitting inappropriate pictures, we may choose to look more closely at your behavior in the Animal Jam Community.

Jam on!