What privileges are lost if my account is suspended?

What privileges are lost if my account is suspended?

When you’re exploring Jamaa always remember to follow the Animal Jam Rules!


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To help keep Jamaa safe, AJHQ has a team of highly-trained moderators that constantly review in-game activity, chat, and player reports. If the moderators see behaviors such as bullying, cheating, scamming, using inappropriate language, or engaging in inappropriate roleplay, disciplinary action will be taken on the player account(s) at fault.


What can happen?


If AJHQ’s moderators find unfair trading behavior on an account, trading and gifting can be disabled. This is done to help keep every Jammer and their items safe.


If the moderators find inappropriate language on an account, they may demote that account’s chat setting to Bubble Chat. This is done to ensure that every Jammer can play in a safe environment!


If the moderators find an account that shows behavior that violates the Animal Jam Rules, the account will be suspended from logging into Animal Jam for a set period of time, and an email notification will be sent to the parent email address tied to that account.


To learn more about these rules, just head to the HELP CENTER!


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News Crew – Arctic Environments!

News Crew: Arctic

Topic: Arctic Environments!

Twinkle Frozengem – AJ Reporter
Brrrrr! Mt. Shiveer sure is a cold place to be. Speaking of Mt. Shiveer, that’s an arctic environment right here in Jamaa! The cold areas of our Earth are really quite fascinating. So, why don’t we get onto some icy facts before they melt!
The name “Arctic” comes from a Greek word meaning, “near the bear”. But this is not because of the polar bears! It’s because of the stars that form the two constellations, Ursa Minor (Little Bear) and Ursa Major (Great Bear). Temperatures as low as -70°C have been recorded in these arctic environments. Which is freezing cold!! In the artic, there is one day of darkness, and another with bright sunshine for the WHOLE 24 hours! Imagine it being 9:00 PM while the sun is still out! Did you know that there are four million people live in the arctic? However, they survive since they have adapted the way to live in harsh environments. There are even small shrubs that grow in the arctic such as mosses and lichens! Isn’t that SNOW COOL (pun intended)? A popular ocean animal in the arctic is a narwhal and is known as the “unicorn of the sea”. Why? Well, they have a large tusk on the top of their head that makes them look like a unicorn! Despite the cold climate, these arctic environments are home to many other animals as well, such as the arctic wolf, penguins, seals, polar bears, and so much more. And, you can become one of these cool animals right here in Jamaa!

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Summer Carnival Train!


Here is a sweet highlight from the SUMMER CARNIVAL! It won’t be around for much longer, so make sure to have fun in the sun while you still can!

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What cool things do you LOVE about the SUMMER CARNIVAL! Send us any snapshots of cool things you find in Jamaa via JAMMER CENTRAL located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP!

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