AJHQ SPOTLIGHT – Pet Geckos and Alligators!!!

AJHQ Spotlight: Geckos!

Have you had a chance to be featured in an AJHQ SPOTLIGHT??? Today it’s all about PET GECKOS and ALLIGATORS! Looks like these Jammers had a blast watching some videos on GECKOS

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ASK TIERNEY – What is coral reef made of???


Dr. Tierney Thys is here and excited to answer YOUR questions!! Today’s question comes from Blooming Arcticstone!


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If you want to learn more with Tierney, head to TIERNEY’S AQUARIUM located in CRYSTAL SANDS!


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RIM – Rare Woven Shoes!!!

RIM: Rare Woven Shoes

RARE WOVEN SHOES are here!!! But like all RARE ITEMS, they’ll be gone soon! Head to JAM MART CLOTHING and grab a pair, before it’s too late!

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These cool shoes would be absolutely perfect for the SUMMER CARNIVAL, which will be here soon! Wahoooo!!!

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Jamaa Legends – Episode 5: The Fight to save Jamaa



Episode 5 – The Fight to Save Jamaa

  he battle for Jamaa was epic, with the animals and Alphas fighting not just for themselves, but also for the beautiful land that Jamaa once was. Animals that were once scared of the Phantoms found new courage, and animals that had shunned and despised others worked side by side with different species.


  As the animals marched forward, the Phantoms escaped by fleeing into their dark portals. But just as the last of the Phantoms were retreating, they overtook Zios and vanished with him into a portal. Mira quickly dove into a dark portal, following Zios and the Phantoms, disappearing as the portal closed.


  The sudden absence of Zios and Mira was a tragic blow to the animals, yet despite their sadness, they realized that for the first time many of them could remember, Jamaa was free of the Phantoms!




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Don’t miss the next episode of THE DAWN OF THE ALPHAS next week and tell all the buddies!