Jammer Art – Geckos!!!

Jammer Art: Geckos

Hey Jammers! We’ve got the latest batch of JAMMER ART winners! This week is all about GECKOS!!!

Congrats to these Jammers for being featured!!!


Gorgeous Strongclaw

Leaping Desertmaster

Rosy Icebunny

Rosy Cutegirl

Precious Fancyflower

:win: :win: :win: :win: :win:



Would you like your art featured on the DAILY EXPLORER? For the following weeks our next topics will be SPRING BUNNIES + ANIMALS IN FAVORITE ACCESSORIES!!! You can even win this awesome plaque for your den!


If you’d like to submit your art, just CLICK HERE to learn how!! If your art wasn’t featured here, some “honorable mentions” will be featured in JAMMER CENTRAL!!! Good luck!!!

AJHQ Spotlight – Earth Day!!!

AJHQ Spotlight: Earth Day!

EARTH DAY has come and gone, but not without snatching some JAM-tastic EARTH DAY snaps!!! Check out these cool Jammers who were featured in today’s AJHQ SPOTLIGHT!


:razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz:


Do you want to be featured in an AJHQ SPOTLIGHT?


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Keep your eyes peeled for AJHQ SPOTLIGHT messages, and join the fun!


Don’t forget! Jammers can also submit a snapshot they take themselves, that may be featured in JAMMER CENTRAL. Want to learn how to take a screenshot and submit? Just CLICK HERE!!!


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See you in Jamaa!


Ask Tierney: How much does a shark eat everyday???


Dr. Tierney Thys is back and ready to answer YOUR questions!! Today’s question comes from EXPLORER ICYPAW! Enjoy the video!!!



:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


If you want to learn more with Tierney, head to TIERNEY’S AQUARIUM located in CRYSTAL SANDS!


:butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly:

What question would YOU ask Tierney??? Jam on!


RIM – Rare Winged Shoes!!!

Rare Item Monday: Rare Winged Shoes

Get ready to soar with today’s RARE ITEM! These RARE WINGED SHOES are available in JAM MART CLOTHING!!!

:sword: :sword: :sword: :sword: :sword:

Pick up your RARE WINGED SHOES today, while you still can!

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What adventures await you and your RARE WINGED SHOES???