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Jammer Snaps- Pets


Listen up Jammers! The winners of this week’s JAMMER SNAPS have been chosen!


Check out these outstanding snaps contributed by Mythical Snowivy, Magical Arcticwolf, Princess Canyonrose, Queen Arcticrose, and Mister Smartypaw. To be honest, all of the submissions were so good, it was hard to choose just five!


Stay tuned to the DAILY EXPLORER for our next JAMMER SNAPS contest.


Also, don’t forget! We are currently accepting submissions for the NEWS CREW! Our next topic will be OTTERS! Otters have been exploring many lands and oceans in Jamaa, and Jammers everywhere have a lot to say about them. Tell us some facts you’ve learned about otters and submit through JAMMER CENTRAL by September 7, 2014.


It’s all up to you Jammers!!!





Hey Jammers! You sent in so many GREAT art pieces of your favorite pets in Jamaa, I had to ask the other Alphas to help me choose the top 5!


Congratulations to Infinity Arcticwolf, Blossom Frillyoctopus, Mythical Rowdybelle, Little Coolwolf, and Blossom Thetiger!


Send me your drawings through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township or my Art Studio in Coral Canyons! I love seeing all the great art you create!


Pet Lemurs have arrived!


Did you hear the fantastic news? PET LEMURS are running wild in Jamaa!


:butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly:

These splendid PETS are excited to start exploring Jamaa, so ADOPT your PET LEMUR today!!!


Pet Skunks Are Here!

Skunks (1)

PET SKUNKS are officially here and Jamaa couldn’t be happier to welcome these cute creatures! These cuddly pets are waiting for you in the DIAMOND SHOP, and are ready to start an adventure!

:lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky:

Jam on!