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Jammer Snaps- Pets


Listen up Jammers! The winners of this week’s JAMMER SNAPS have been chosen!


Check out these outstanding snaps contributed by Mythical Snowivy, Magical Arcticwolf, Princess Canyonrose, Queen Arcticrose, and Mister Smartypaw. To be honest, all of the submissions were so good, it was hard to choose just five!


Stay tuned to the DAILY EXPLORER for our next JAMMER SNAPS contest.


Also, don’t forget! We are currently accepting submissions for the NEWS CREW! Our next topic will be OTTERS! Otters have been exploring many lands and oceans in Jamaa, and Jammers everywhere have a lot to say about them. Tell us some facts you’ve learned about otters and submit through JAMMER CENTRAL by September 7, 2014.


It’s all up to you Jammers!!!





Hey Jammers! You sent in so many GREAT art pieces of your favorite pets in Jamaa, I had to ask the other Alphas to help me choose the top 5!


Congratulations to Infinity Arcticwolf, Blossom Frillyoctopus, Mythical Rowdybelle, Little Coolwolf, and Blossom Thetiger!


Send me your drawings through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township or my Art Studio in Coral Canyons! I love seeing all the great art you create!



This week Jammer Art highlights PETS and the works of Eternal Frozenflower, Mighty Strongcat, Enchanted Magicspirit, Fabulous Frozenmoon, and Lucky Rainybug!

There are more than 100 million pets in the United States. That’s nearly 2/3 of its residents being pet keepers. Some pets can also be helpers, like sled or seeing eye dogs. Dogs are very eager to please and can thrive with good training! Cats on the other hand are a different matter.

During the summer of 1879 in Liège, Belgium, the postal service attempted to train 37 cats to deliver sacks of mail to surrounding villages. Very little mail ever made it to its destination.

In another attempt at cat training, the CIA tried to use cats as spies in a program called “Acoustic Kitty,” launched by the Directorate of Science & Technology in the 1960s. After seven years and zero successful missions the project was canceled.

Do you have a pet? What is your favorite thing about your pet?

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News Crew – All About Appondale!!!



News Crew Appondale


All About Appondale

Arctic Wolf

AJ Reporter


Appondale is so PAWSOME. My favorite thing about it is that is has the Conservation Museum where we can donate some gems to save the wild animals!


One of my friends says she loves the mud in it, its just so true! That mud is perfect for the rhinos of Jamaa. The mud is also so FUN to play in!


In APPONDALE, there is a pet shop called Claws N’ Paws you can get any cute pets there! There’s also a HUGE variety of pets to choose for the Jammers who have a Club Membership.


Don’t forget to visit the AMAZING Appondale from time, to time. Also don’t forget to finish the Jounal so you can get a special prize!


Remember to have a good time and be safe my dear Jammers, PLAY WILD IN ANIMAL JAM!




Wow! What a fabulous NEWS CREW article! Thanks to Arctic Wolf!!!

Congrats on winning this awesome plaque for your den and contributing to the NEWS CREW!


:loveletter: :loveletter: :loveletter: :loveletter: :loveletter:


If you want to be a NEWS CREW REPORTER, our next topic will be CRYSTAL SANDS! We want to know how well you know JAMAA! Tell us about the sites, the scenes, and what everybody is up to in CRYSTAL SANDS!!! Follow these easy instructions! Submissions are due APR 5, 2015!


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