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RIM – Rainbow Rare Spiked Mohawk

For RARE ITEM MONDAY enjoy this rainbow Rare Spiked Mohawk!

Many people think that the mohawk hairstyle is attributed to the Mohawk tribe of Native Americans, but they’re wrong. The strip of hair down the middle of the head we call a mohawk was actually developed by the Iroquois and Pawnee tribes!

Here’s another interesting fact, Kazuhiro Watanabe holds the world record for the highest mohawk, measuring 44 inches (113 cm) tall!
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Jammer Tip – Spectacular Clover Set!!!

Clover Armor

Check out the CLOVER SET located in the DIAMOND SHOP!


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It’s so full of luck that it has tons of gold-tastic surprises!!!


:lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky:


Tell ALLLLL the buddies!!!


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Jamaa is full of LUCK lately, wouldn’t you say???!!!


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Jammer Tip – Submitting a Howl!


Have you ever wanted to send a HOWL to any of your buddies?


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HOWLS can be shout-outs, quotes, jokes, mottos, or any Jammin’ saying. They appear on Jammer Central and scroll along for all Jammers to see! As long as your howl does not contain line breaks, quotations, or other special characters, you should be howlin’ in no time!


Learn more about HOWLS by CLICKING HERE!!!


If your howl makes it onto Jammer Central, you’ll win this plaque!




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AJ Academy – Gum Drop Tower

Gum Drop Tower

Hey Jammers! Here’s an awesome activity that is both SWEET and SMART!


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It’s a GUM DROP TOWER activity!!! Just click the link below and ask your PARENTS to help you engineer your tower! It’s so much fun…


Gum Drop Tower Download


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Submit photos of your GUM DROP TOWER to JAMMER CENTRAL… If you’d like to learn how to submit just CLICK HERE!!! AJHQ and Jammers all over the world would love to see your finished masterpiece!