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RIM – Rare Long Bow


Grab the RARE LONG BOW while it’s still around. This RARE ITEM is perfect for phantom target practice!


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Jamaa is absolutely packed with fun this autumn. What’s been your favorite thing about fall in Jamaa?


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Jam on Jammers!


Can I redeem a membership code or PIN on an account that already has a membership?


Greetings Jammers! Have you ever wondered how to redeem a membership code or PIN on an account that already has a membership?! If so, we’ve got some helpful tips!

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When an additional Animal Jam membership is purchased or redeemed, the time is added to any current membership terms. If a membership is added to a recurring membership, the recurring transactions will resume when the combined membership term has ended.

For example, if a three (3) month gift card is redeemed on a player account that has a one (1) month recurring membership, the three month term is added to the existing one month term. At the end of the combined membership term (four months, in this example), the one month recurring membership will resume.

We hope this helps! Jam on!

Carnival in Jamaa!


In many cultures all over the world, Jammers are preparing for Carnival, the fun springtime celebration! To help bring the fun of Carnival to Jamaa, all the great games and cool prizes of the SUMMER CARNIVAL are back for TWO WEEKS ONLY!

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So bring your best buddies and come play in Jamaa’s Carnival, and be sure to spend all the tickets you earn before Carnival is over! And as you’re having the time of your life, keep your eyes open for a special RARE CARNIVAL ITEM that will be released for one day only!

Jam on and enjoy Carnival while you can!!!