RIM- Rare Paradise Couch

!blog_rim_paradisecouchThe moment we’ve all been waiting for… Rare Item Monday is here!


The Paradise Couch is here and may be just what you needed to turn your den into an actual paradise! The Paradise Couch is unique because of it’s very rare and elaborate design, which makes it a very comfortable and stylish addition to your den!


The Paradise Couch is waiting for you in the Paradise Party, so go pick one up and give your den it’s own slice of paradise.


Which den items do you think would look great next to your Paradise Couch???

GAME TIP- Double Gem Payout!



This week’s Game Tip has some explosive news! Phantom Fighter will be having a Double Gem Payout! Yes, you heard right, a Double Gem Payout!


Phantom Fighter can be found in Club Geoz, which is located in Jamaa Township. Play on hard for an extra-challenging experience, but keep a lookout for rogue phantoms! They can be difficult to dodge.


We’re also happy to announce that Spider Zapper will also be having a Double Gem Payout, so get ready to win double the amount of gems you’re used to winning! We’re looking forward to seeing how many gems each of you win!


How many levels can you beat? Best of luck Jammers!

AJ ACADEMY- Otter Coloring Page



Hey Jammers! Cosmo here.


In celebration of Jamaa’s new otters, otter coloring pages have come to AJ Academy. There’s a catch though… I want to see how Fantastic you can make these pages look!


See all coloring pages »


Show off your colorful side, then scan your image onto your computer. Submit your art by visiting the Jammer Central bulletin board, located in the center of Jamaa Township, then click the Submit Your Work button. Click on the image with the + sign, locate your image on your computer, and then press the Submit button. I’m really excited to see what everybody comes up with!


Did you know that sea otters like to relax by floating on their backs on the water’s surface? They often sleep in this position too, sometime in big groups. Sea otters also float in forests of giant kelp, and the purposely tangle themselves up so they don’t get swept out to sea. No wonder they’re always hanging out in Bahari Bay!


AJ ACADEMY- Code Camp!



Hey Jammers! Last week AJHQ kicked off it’s first CODE CAMP, and it was a blast. This Code Camp was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Jammers came from all over to participate.


Code Camp is all about teaching kids how to code and having fun while doing it! Code Camp is important because it allows Jammers to work with the same tools that AJHQ’s designers and developers use to make Animal Jam. Cool right!?


At Code Camp, Jammers were able to test out new developments, and even check out some of the new features that will be coming out. There are so many surprises in store for Animal Jam, we can hardly stay calm! Thanks so much to everyone who participated.


Does Code Camp sound like something you’d be interested in? What would you like to learn at Code Camp?

Animal Jam HQ