News Crew – Favorite Alpha in Jamaa!




Liza is my favorite Alpha because of her smarts, bravery, and will do anything to help her fellow Jammers in need! She protects the world of Animal Jam from all of those pesky Phantoms. It’s that time of year, and phantoms are beginning to invade Jamaa.


Liza the panda Alpha is the head leader of all the Alphas. New Jammers see her when they first sign up for Animal Jam. She helps and leads them until Jammers get the hang of decorating their den and dressing up. She awards them with gems, and other cool prizes.


When Phantoms come near Jamaa, she will do anything and everything to stop them! Animal


Jam is all about helping other Jammers and creating new friends, and Liza teaches all of these skills to becoming a great, savvy Jammer. This special panda is the key to unlock the doors of friendship, in the safe world of Animal Jam!






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Jammer Tip – Pet Owls have returned!



Jammers we have some incredible news!!!


PET OWLS have returned to Jamaa!!! And just in time for the NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS!!! Now that the PET OWL is here, you can go play as one in BITTER SWEETS!!! Sounds eerily fun!!!


Have you seen this hauntingly awesome ROBOT MASK located at JAM MART CLOTHING? You and your buddies shouldn’t leave your den without one!!!


Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.48.13 PM


What adventures await you and your PET OWL???



Jammer Art – Animals in Costumes



Hey Jammers! Our latest Jammer Art is here! Today we’re featuring ANIMALS IN COSTUMES! Yes, we’ve got another round of incredibly talented submissions by some great artists! They are:


Mythical Theeagle

Daredevil Frozenfriend

Enchanted Cuteflower

Miss Magicmoon

Infinity Arcticmoon


FYI if your art wasn’t featured here, some “honorable mentions” will be featured in Jammer Central!!! So make sure to check it out. And a special thanks to everyone that submitted!


Our next JAMMER ART theme is NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS, so let’s see how spooky your submissions can be! If you’d like to learn how to submit, click here!!!


Isn’t NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS spook-tastic!??


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