AJHQ NEWS – Pandas are returning + Diamond Challenge!!!




Hello Jammers! It’s Liza, and I have some spectacular news…


Pandas are returning!!! Which means more balance will be restored to Jamaa!


I am so pleased to announce their return that I’m showing you this fun new panda clip called “Pet Peeved”, and announcing a Diamond Challenge to all of you Jammers!


Here is the challenge:



1. Watch the video. (If you already watched it, great!)


2. Tell me an interesting fact about pandas by commenting here on the Daily Explorer.


3. Tell your buddies to visit the Daily Explorer today to enter the challenge and help us learn about Pandas!


I will read through the comments, and if one of you can tell me something about pandas that I didn’t know, I will give you 1 Diamond! I will only be rewarding 1 diamond to 1 Jammer, so best of luck! I will announce a winner within the next couple of days, so stay tuned…


Thanks for your support Jammers!



Jammer Art- Pet Sugar Gliders!!!



We’ve got an artistic batch of winners for this week’s Jammer Art contest, and the submissions just keep getting better and better! This week’s winners are Rosy Shypaw, Snowflake Spiritpet, Mythical Rainybelle, Crashing Smartyfeet, and Fuzzy Frozenmoon. Didn’t they do a fabulous job!?


Here’s an interesting fact about sugar gliders. There is an eastern Australian species that feeds on nectar and insects called a pygmy glider. Pygmy gliders are so light-weight, that they’ve also been coined as feathertails. Aren’t sugar gliders marvelous creatures!?


Did you know that when your art is featured on the Daily Explorer, you get a special plaque for your den that shows your art was featured? We’ll be looking through your submissions, so don’t forget to submit your Jammer Art!


What will you draw next for your Jammer Art submission!? Comment below and we’ll be on the lookout for your talented work!


Jam on!


Animal Jam HQ

Creature Feature- Why are pandas going extinct?



Greetings Jammers! Today we’ve got a spectacular Creature Feature that features Brady Barr explaining why pandas are going extinct.


Did you know that pandas are clumsy climbers, but they can easily go up trees? They also have a large wrist bone that acts like a thumb. This allows them handle foods with ease. And what do they love to eat? You guessed it, Bamboo!


Sadly, there are less than 2,500 mature pandas thought to remain in the wild.


What is something interesting that you know about pandas???

Animal Jam HQ

RIM- Rare Seaweed Boa!!!





Rare Item Monday has come again!


The delightfully fashionable Rare Seaweed Boa has finally arrived, but before you put it on, wouldn’t you love to know EXACTLY what you’re wearing? Let’s learn up on some seaweed facts!


Seaweed is just a common name for countless species of algae and marine plants that grow in oceans, lakes, and other water bodies.


A meadow of seaweed just about as large as a continent lies between the United States and Africa in the North Atlantic Ocean. This famous bed of seaweed is known as the Sargasso Sea. Christopher Columbus discovered the bed of seaweed as he sailed toward the American continents in 1492. The seaweed let Columbus know that land was near and motivated him to continue onward.


Is there something you know about seaweed that we left out? What are some interesting seaweed facts that you know!?



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