AJ ACADEMY- Code Camp!



Hey Jammers! Last week AJHQ kicked off it’s first CODE CAMP, and it was a blast. This Code Camp was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Jammers came from all over to participate.


Code Camp is all about teaching kids how to code and having fun while doing it! Code Camp is important because it allows Jammers to work with the same tools that AJHQ’s designers and developers use to make Animal Jam. Cool right!?


At Code Camp, Jammers were able to test out new developments, and even check out some of the new features that will be coming out. There are so many surprises in store for Animal Jam, we can hardly stay calm! Thanks so much to everyone who participated.


Does Code Camp sound like something you’d be interested in? What would you like to learn at Code Camp?

Animal Jam HQ

Jammer Snaps- Pets


Listen up Jammers! The winners of this week’s JAMMER SNAPS have been chosen!


Check out these outstanding snaps contributed by Mythical Snowivy, Magical Arcticwolf, Princess Canyonrose, Queen Arcticrose, and Mister Smartypaw. To be honest, all of the submissions were so good, it was hard to choose just five!


Stay tuned to the DAILY EXPLORER for our next JAMMER SNAPS contest.


Also, don’t forget! We are currently accepting submissions for the NEWS CREW! Our next topic will be OTTERS! Otters have been exploring many lands and oceans in Jamaa, and Jammers everywhere have a lot to say about them. Tell us some facts you’ve learned about otters and submit through JAMMER CENTRAL by September 7, 2014.


It’s all up to you Jammers!!!





OTTERS are making a big splash in Jamaa, and some incredibly talented JAMMERS are showing off their drawing skills in celebration!


Thanks to Dancing Windychamp, King Fierybeast, Little Berrytoes, Dancing Snowywolf, and Flora Fastwolf for the fantastic OTTER ART! Keep it up Jammers!!!


Want to submit your own Jammer Art? It’s EASY!


Just click on the Jammer Central bulletin board located in the center of Jamaa Township, then click the button that says Submit Your Work. Find the picture with the plus sign, click on it, then find the document you wish to submit on your computer and click OK.


Animal Jam HQ

Happy National Dog Day!



Lots of Jammers are excited for a fun day of fetch, digging, and maybe a stop at a local ICE CREAM PARLOR for a treat with their pet dogs in Jamaa!


Jammers like to eat ice cream to cool down on hot days, but how does a real dog cool down? DR. BRADY BARR explains how dogs keep cool in this AWESOME VIDEO!


How will you celebrate National Dog Day?

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